Monday, May 6, 2013

Finally Here!

Huh! I am finally here for good. I will not delete this blog, the third time I am creating a blog here :( Not my fault, tumblr caught me in her net. I love tumblr so much. It is simple and easy to use. I easily and quickly publish my stuffs and get other interesting posts reblogged. It's pretty much like twitter. You post, favorite/like and reblog. I am so attached to it.

Now, I am here for just two reasons; to frequently create and share content on my g+ page and to enjoy analytics. I want to reach the world through this blog; share thoughts on technology and social issues, give to the community what I have learnt and also to share the humors in my life.  With the stats tools here, I can easily know who my audiences are and where they are from. It will help me to be strategic in reaching out wide.

Welcome to Bigs' World, fasten your belts and hold on for a jolly ride from a -to- z of my raves and rants. Hey, beware of the ride! Follow me on twitter, @kobebigs and visit me on for some of my posts. It's past 4:00am, I got to take a nap.
See ya!


  1. No worries. I have deleted 3 blogs for different reasons lol. I have been on Tumblr and back. I finally settled with WP.

    The options available online are so many, sometimes you wanna take 'em all without considering continuity.

    1. Very true, continuity is what matters. Thanks for the #vim! :)