Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Can't Touch My Toys: Arduino & RapsberryPi.

It's been quite a long time here. I have been busy with work, roaming and taking pictures. A lot is happening that I don't really know how it occurred and to control it. My site is up and looking fab. Friends think I'm ignoring them, ... a lot's happening!

The past month has been awesome with the festive season, family engagements and working on so many different things: photography, graphic design and many more than with my toys: arduino and raspi. Sometimes, I feel I am a disappointment, letting go the zeal with which I fought so hard to get my kits. Each and every new day, I dream of new projects but never get the time to sit my ass down and work on. There's never been a single day I've woke up with no thoughts of my toys, yet 'no action'.  I feel I'm wasting them.

As I write this, I'm preparing to go to the MIT funded FABLAB at the Takoradi Technical Institute. I think, I can do much when I'm  with a group of similar interest. I want to learn basic electronics, soldering and many simple basic things which will help me in my projects. I want to be part of a local group just like the London Arduino Group I join on facebook. They always send me interesting event invites and seek my opinions on many things, sometimes, I ignore them. Why ain't many people in Ghana not interested in this arduino, raspi thing? Are they any interest group at all?

I know a friend +Edward Pie who is deeply into Microcontrollers and Robotics, maybe, it's time we associate 'more seriously' and benefit from each other. I know of The African Robotics Network(AFRON), I'm on their mailing-list, but I don't know how I can leverage on that. The Ghana R obotics Academy Foundation is doing well with LEGO MINDSTORM NXT.  Should I do that instead? I perfectly think I can do more with my kits than using NXT/LEGO MINDSTORM?

Now, I'm confused. Somebody help!