Thursday, August 8, 2013

For #GeekWeek, I Assembled A RasPi.

Hello, it's really been a while here. Sorry, I have been doing more of travelling around my country, Ghana and hardly gets internet on the go. Well I use no smart phone, I gave up on my Samsung GT-1900 some months ago for a Vodafone branded ZTE phone, vodafone 236FM. :( I hope someone pulls a surprise on my birthday with a Samsung Galaxy SIV. ;)
my current phone - vodafone 236FM
 Well, let's come to the reason for this post. It's #GeekWeek! Yes, YouTube Geek Week! I never knew until my pal from Sygil Media, +Paa Kweku Woode did and uploaded a video of me assembling my RasPi on Instagram. He caught me unaware. I did not notice him record. I was busy fixing my buddy, my newly found love. :)

Here you are, enjoy the watch

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