Monday, May 13, 2013

Building Chrome Themes


I love themes, they beautify your browser. Since 2011, I have been designing cool chrome themes for myself and the world showcasing the rich culture and acts of the people around me. I have 13 themes on Chrome Web store to my credit. I hope to double it up by the end of the year with inspiring and charming African themes.

Though there are simple available tools to making chrome themes, understanding and writing your own from scratch is where the fun is. You make it how you want it. You get to know your browser and appreciate it.

Twine - inspired by @mutombodapoet

I wrote this pdf (revised) about two(2) years ago, and though the browser has seen updates, it has all the resources one needs to create a theme. It requires only a single json file to get a theme built.

Download, read and have a hands-on. Don't forget to send in your comments and reviews. Get in touch on twitter.